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Monday, February 6, 2012

The start of something delicious!

It is a dream of mine to share my dining experiences! One of my favorite things to do is eat my way through cities, towns... really anywhere that will have me. I love going out to eat and enjoy exploring the fine, fun and frugal. Ideally I enjoy the fine dining at a frugal price. My love of food is not limited to eating out though, I appreciate and enjoy a good home cooked meal especially if it has a homemade dessert. From NY now living in Boston, I eat wherever I go.

Why did I name the blog what I did? Food, Friends and Fun are important to me and I think the three go well together. I would have added "family" but then the domain name gets too long. For the time being, I am keeping my identity as "Fun Foodie." Please feel free follow the blog, post your comments etc. Can't wait to hear from you and dine together!

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